Learn more about the approach Sam Healy uses.

Hello, my name is Sam Healy.  I’ve been working with youth and families for over 20 years.  I integrate different methods and professional experiences to help individuals, couple and families reach their highest potential. My approach is strength based, goal focused and short term.  I teach individuals, couples, families and organizations strategies to channel strengths, address challenges and move forward to be more connected, productive and have a greater sense of well being.

Through advances in MRI technology and the neurosciences we have learned what great teachers have intuitively known all along, that it is the quality of the relationship and back and forth interactions with important people that have the most influence on how individuals learn specific tasks, develop competencies and relate to others.

I provide training, coaching, consultation and counseling for families, schools, youth programs, and mental health agencies. I teach and coach adults on strategies to recognize and build upon individuals’ strengths and talents. Areas of expertise include positive discipline, creating a learning culture, social emotional curriculum, and strategies to help difficult children channel their intense energies in more productive and creative ways.