Challenging Children

  • Behavior Problems
  • Academic Achievement
  • Anxiety


Standard methods of parenting and teaching typically backfire with intense children. Despite the best of intentions, the harder adults attempt traditional responses, the worse the situation can inadvertently become.

I have over twenty years of experience helping families, schools and programs transform intense and challenging children. Since 1994, thousands of parents, teachers, therapists and counselors from around the world have learned this success based approach, and have had consistent results of not only shifting intense children into using their great energies in constructive, creative and successful ways, but of seeing the average child flourish well beyond normal expectations. Adults learn how to recognize and reflect back the details of the child’s behavior in ‘moments of success’, big or small, and provide the child with undeniable evidence of competency. The child’s experienced successes and associated competencies build up an inner strength to regulate emotions, have healthy relationships, and make good decisions.